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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2002; 11(2): 108-112

Published online June 1, 2002

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Study of the characteristics of Secondary Electron Emission from MgO Layer for Low - Energy Noble Ions

Sang Kook Lee,Jaehong Kim,Jihwa Lee,Ki-Woong Whang


We investigated the secondary electron emission characteristics of MgO layer used as the protecting material in a.c. plasma display panel(a.c.-PDPs) using a pulsed ion beam technique, where the surface charging can be effectively suppressed during the measurement. The measurement of the secondary electron emission coefficients (γ) on the surface of SiO2 was carried out and then, it was found that the yields were dependent on incident ion energies. In addition, it was clearly demonstrated that the sputtering on MgO surface leads to lower yields, which suggests that the surface plays a key role on the operating conditions, such as life time, fast response, and etc.

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