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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2001; 10(4): 440-448

Published online December 1, 2001

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

The operation properties of DBD reactors in air pressure with varying the capacitance of reactors

Bong-Kyoung Park,Yun-Hwan Kim,Bong-Chul Jang,Jung-Hyun Cho,Gon-Ho Kim


The operation properties of DBD plasma reactors were observed by using 20 kV square pulse at the cylindrical and planar type of reactors in the condition of air pressure. The optimum operation frequency f。 which optimizes the efficiency of operation was found as such f。∝ exp (-C ) when the current-voltage curve and charge-voltage curve were observed. Using these properties the dissipated power was evaluated. The dissipated power at the optimum frequency of operation was varied as the value of capacitance which is dependent on the structure and the dielectric material of the reactor, and had the maximum value at the specific value of capacitance. With these value of capacitance, DBD reactors which has a high level of efficiency can be formed.

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