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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2006; 15(6): 581-586

Published online November 1, 2006

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Emission spectroscopic diagnostics of argon arc Plasma in Plasma focus device for advanced lithography light source

Y. J. Hong , M. W. Moon , S. B. Lee , P. Y. Oh , K. B. Song , B. H. Hong , Y. H. Seo , W. J. Yi , H. M. Shin , E. H. Choi


We have generated the argon plasma in the diode chamber based on the established coaxial electrode type and investigated the emitted visible light for emission spectroscopy. We applied various voltages 2 ~3.5 ㎸ to the device by 0.5 ㎸, and obtained the emission spectrum data for the focused plasma in the diode chamber on the argon pressure of 330 mTorr. The Ar Ⅰ and Ar Ⅱ emission line are observed. The electron temperature and ion density have been measured by the Boltzmann plot and Saha equation from assumption of local thermodynamic equilibrium (LTE). The Ar Ⅰ and Ar Ⅱ ion densities have been calculated to be ~10¹?/cc and ~10¹³/cc, respectively, from Saha equation.

Keywords: 극자외선,리소그래피,플라스마 집속,방출 스펙트럼,볼츠만 도표,EUV,Lithography,Plasma focus,Emission spectroscopy,Boltzmann plot

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