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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2006; 15(6): 587-593

Published online November 1, 2006

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Analysis of Inverter Circuit with External Electrode Fluorescent Lamps for LCD Backlight

Jong-Mun Jeong,Myeong-Ju Shin,Mi-Ran Lee,Ga-Eul Kim,Jung-Hyun Kim,Sang-Jin Kim,Min-Kyu Lee,Mi-Jo Kang,Sang-Cho Shin,Sang-Hyun Ahn,Do-Hyun Gill,Dong-Gun Yoo,Je-Huan Koo,June-Gill Kang,Eun-Ha Choi,Guangsup Cho


The circuit of the EEFL system and the inverter has been analyzed into the resistance RL, the capacitance C of the EEFL backlight system, and the inductance of transformer in the inverter. The lamp resistance and capacitance are determined from the phase difference is between the lamp current and voltage and from the Q V diagram, respectively. The single Lamp of EEFL for 32” LCD BLU has the resistance of 66 ㏀ and the capacitance of 21.61 pF. The resistance, which is connected by parallel in the 20 EEFLs BLU, is 3.3 ㏀ and the capacitance is 402.1 pF. The matching frequency in the operation of lamp system is noted as ωM=1/√ L₂C(1-k₂), where L₂ is the inductance of secondary coil and k is the coupling coefficient between primary and secondary coil. The lamp current and voltage has maximum value at the matching frequency in the LCD BLU system. The results of analytic solutions are in good agreement with the experimental results.

Keywords: 외부전극 형광램프,백라이트,인버터,임피던스 매칭,트랜스포머,EEFL(External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp),Backlight,Inverter,Impedance matching,Transformer

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