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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2008; 17(6): 487-494

Published online November 1, 2008

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Numerical Simulation of Nitrogen Discharge at Medium Pressure between Point-Plane Electrodes

Wook Hee Koh , In-Ho Park


The numerical simulation of point-to-plane discharge of nitrogen at medium pressure has been achieved by a quasi-2d numerical model. In the model, we calculate the distributions of electric charges which are varying as temporal and space and determine the electric field depending on space charge distribution by solving Poisson's equation. The continuity equations are treated numerically by using FCT (Flux-Corrected Transport) Algorithm and FEM (Finite Element Method). The numerical simulation results make us to understand the physical characteristics of nitrogen discharge at 50 torr. The comparison with experimental results shows a good qualitative agreement.

Keywords: 질소 방전,시뮬레이션,FCT,FEM,침-평판,Nitrogen discharge,Numerical simulation,Point-to-plane

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