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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2010; 19(2): 141-147

Published online March 1, 2010

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Thermal Conductivity Measurement of High-k Oxide Thin Films

Ingoo Kim , Eunji Oh , Yong Soo Kim , Sok Won Kim , In-Sung Park , Won Kyu Lee


In this study, high-k oxide films like Al₂O₃, TiO₂, HfO₂ were deposited on Si, SiO₂/Si, GaAs wafers, and then the thermal conductivity was measured by using thermo-reflectance method which utilizes the reflectance variation of the film surface produced by the periodic temperature variation. The result shows that high-k oxide films with 50 nm thickness have high thermal conductivity of 0.80∼1.29 W/(mK). Therefore, effectively dissipate the heat generated in the electric circuit such as CMOS memory device, and the heat transfer changes according to the micro grain size.

Keywords: High-k,고 유전상수,열-반사율법,열전도도,Dielectric constant,Thermo-reflectance method,Thermal conductivity

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