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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2010; 19(4): 300-306

Published online July 1, 2010

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Micro-Nano Hybrid Structures by Reactive Ion Etching with Au Nanoparticle Masks

C. Y. Lee , S. B. Yoon , G. E. Jang , W. S. Yun


Superhydrophobic micro-nano hybrid structures were fabricated by reactive ion etching of hydrophobic polymer micro patterns using gold nanoparticles as etch masks. Micro structures of perfluoropolyether bisurethane methacrylate (PFPE) were prepared by soft-lithographic technique using polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) molds. Water contact angles on the surfaces of various PFPE micro structures and corresponding micro-nano hybrid structures were compared to examine the effects of micro patterning and nanostructure formation in the manifestation of superhydrophobicity. The PFPE micro-nano hybrid structures exhibited a very stable superhydrophobicity, while the micro-only structures could not reach the superhydrophobicity but only showed the unstable hydrophobicity.

Keywords: 초소수성,마이크로-나노 혼성구조,금 나노입자 마스크,PFPE,접촉각,Superhydrophobicity,Micro-nano hybrid structure,Gold nanoparticle mask,Contact angle

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