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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2010; 19(5): 347-352

Published online September 1, 2010

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Study on Availability about the Dielectric Constant of SiOC Thin Film

Teresa Oh


To research the reduction of the dielectric constant depending on the ionic and electronic effects, the dielectric constant of SiOC film was obtained by C-V measurement using the structure of metal/SiOC film/Si, and n² calculated by the refractive index. The dielectric constant of SiOC film consists with dipole, ions and electrons. However, the dipole moment is ignored in the effect of dielectric constant in SiOC film. THe SiOC film was deposited by the plasma energy, and the gas precursor was dissociated and recombined. Therefore, the dielectric constant of the deposited film consisted of the polarity with ions. THe dielectric constant decreased after annealing process, because of the evaporation of OH hydroxyl group with polarity. The ideal SiOC film as low-k materials was annealed film with lowering the polarity, which is suitable for physical-chemical and electrical properties as an inter layer dielectric materials.

Keywords: SiOC 박막,굴절계수,유전상수,커패시턴스,전자효과,SiOC film,Refractive index,Dielectric constant,Capacitance,Electron effect

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