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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2011; 20(3): 200-204

Published online May 1, 2011

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Reliability Measurements and Thermal Stabilities of W-C-N Thin Films Using Nanoindenter

Joo young Kim , Hwan Won Oh , Soo In Kim , Sung Ho Choi , Chang Woo Lee


In this paper, we deposited the tungsten carbon nitride (W-C-N; nitrogen gas flow of 2 sccm) and tungsten carbon (W-C) thin film on silicon substrate using rf magnetron sputter. Then the thin films annealed at 800℃ during 30 minute (N₂ gas ambient) for thermal damage. Nano-indenter was executed 16 points on thin film surface to measure the thermal stability, and we also propose the elastic modulus and the Weibull distribution, respectively. This nanotribology method provides statistically reliable information. From these results, the W-C-N thin film included nitrogen gas flow is more stable for film uniformities, physical properties and crystallinities than that of not included nitrogen gas flow.

Keywords: 나노트라이볼로지,나노인덴터,W-C-N 박막,탄성계수,와이블 분포,Nanotribology,Nanoindenter,W-C-N thin film,Elastic modulus,Weibull distribution

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