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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2011; 20(6): 409-415

Published online November 1, 2011

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Study for Enhancement of the Detection Sensitivity in Hand-Held X-Ray Fluorescence Device

Sung Soo Kim , Youn Seoung Lee , Do Yun Kim , Dong-Seob Ko


The method to improve the detection sensitivity of Hand-held XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) device currently being developed is discussed. To minimize the loss of the intensity due to atmospheric gas molecules, the vacuum module, which can be filled with atmospheric or He gas, between the sample and the detector was installed. And the change of the detection sensitivity was measured in a vacuum and in the He gas-filled state. As a result, the following three important results were obtained; Firstly, XRF intensity was increased 2∼4 times in the low energy range (3∼4 keV). It is a very important result because the enhancement of the detection sensitivity means shortening of the detection time in Hand-held XRF device. Secondly, the possibility of detection of the elements less than 3 keV in emission energy was confirmed. Thirdly, the absorption by atmospheric gas molecules can be minimized without vacuum- sealed vessel in Hand-held XRF device, if the vacuum module filled with He gas is used. We concluded that all of three results are very meaningful in the development of a Hand-held XRF device.

Keywords: 엑스레이형광,휴대용,검출감도,투과양극형,X-ray fluorescence,Hand-held,Detection sensitivity,Transmission anode type

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