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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2012; 21(3): 136-141

Published online May 1, 2012

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Investigation of Structural and Optical Characteristics of In₂Se₃ Thin Films Fabricated by Thermal Annealing

Jae-Hyoug Park,Dae-Young Kim,Gwang-Hun Park,Myung-Soo Han,Hyo-Jin Kim,Jae-Cheol Shin,Jun-Seok Ha,Kwang-Bok Kim,Hang-Ju Ko


We report investigation of structural and optical characteristics of In₂Se₃ thin films fabricated by thermal annealing process. Indium (In) is deposited on substrates by sputtering methods and In₂Se₃ thin films are fabricated by thermal annealing it with selenium vapor. The annealing temperature was changed from 150℃ to 400℃. We observe formation and phase changes of In₂Se₃ thin films with increase of annealing temperature. Conglomeration of In is observed at low annealing temperature (≤150℃). In₂Se₃ phases are started to form at 200℃ and γ-In₂Se₃ phase form at 350oC. High-quality γ-In₂Se₃ thin film with wurtzite structure is obtained at 400oC of annealing temperature. Furthermore, we confirm that band gaps of In₂Se₃ thin films are increased according to increase of annealing temperature. Optical band gap of high-quality γ-In₂Se₃ is found to be 1.796eV.

Keywords: In₂Se₃ 박막,열처리,물질 특성,밴드갭,스퍼터링,In₂Se₃ thin films,Annealing temperature,Material characteristics,Band gap,Sputtering

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