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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2012; 21(4): 193-198

Published online July 1, 2012

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Effect of Diamond-Like Carbon Passivation on Physical and Electrical Properties of Plasma Polymer

Y. S. Park , S. J. Cho , J. H. Boo


In this study, we have fabricated the polymer insulator and diamond-like carbon (DLC) thin films by using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition methods. we fabricated the DLC films with various thicknesses as the passivation layer on plasma polymer and investigated the structural, physical, and electrical properties of DLC/plasma polymer films. The plasma polymer synthesized in this work had the low leakage current and low dielectric constant. The values of hardness and elastic modulus in DLC/plasma polymer films are increased, and the value of rms surface roughness is decreased, and contact angle value is increased with increasing DLC film thickness. In the electrical properties of DLC/plasma polymer, the value of the dielectric constant is increased, however the leakage current property of the DLC/plasma polymer is improved than that of plasma polymer film with increasing DLC film thickness.

Keywords: 플라즈마 폴리머,다이아몬드상 탄소박막,플라즈마보조화학기상장치,유전상수,누설전류,경도,Plasma polymer,Diamond-like carbon,Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition,Dielectric constant,Leakage current,Hardness

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