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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2012; 21(6): 333-341

Published online November 1, 2012

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Properties of Indium Tin Oxide Thin Films According to Oxygen Flow Rates by γ-FIB System

D. H. Kim , C. H. Son , M. S. Yun , K. A. Lee , T. H. Jo , I. W. Seo , H. S. Uhm , I. T. Kim , E. H. Choi , G. S. Cho , G. C. Kwon


Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) thin films were prepared by RF magnetron sputtering with different flow rates of O2 gas from 0 to 12 sccm. Electrical and optical properties of these films were characterized and analyzed. ITO deposited on soda lime glass and RF power was 2 kW, frequency was 13.56 MHz, and working pressure was 1.0×10-3 Torr, Ar gas was fixed at 1,000 sccm. The transmittance was measured at 300∼1,100 nm ranges by using Photovoltaic analysis system. Electrical properties were measured by Hall measurement
system. ITO thin films surface were measured by Scanning electron microscope. Atomic force microscope surface roughness scan for ITO thin films. ITO thin films secondary electron emission coefficient(γ) was measured by γ-Focused ion beam. The resistivity is about 2.4×10-4 Ωㆍcm and the weighted average transmittance is about 84.93% at 3 sccm oxygen flow rate. Also, we investigated Work-function of ITO thin films by using Auger neutralization mechanism according to secondary electron emission coefficient(γ) values.
We confirmed secondary electron emission peak at 3 sccm oxygen flow rate.

Keywords: 산화인듐주석,박막,전도성 투명전극,RF 마그네트론 스퍼터링,γ-Focused ion beam system,Indium tin oxide,Thin film,Transparence conductive oxide,RF magnetronsputter

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