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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2013; 22(2): 98-104

Published online March 1, 2013

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Structural and Optical Characterizations of VO2 Film on Graphene/Sapphire Substrate by Post-annealing after Sputtering

Keun Soo Kim , Hyeongkeun Kim , Yena Kim , Seung-Ho Han , Dong Jae Bae , Woo Seok Yang


VO2 is an attractive thermochromic material, in which its electrical and optical properties can be switched by the structural phase-transition about 68℃. Recently, graphene is also a rising material which is researched as a transparent electrode because of its superior electrical and optical characteristics. In this respect, we try to fabricate the hybridized films using VO2 and graphene on transparent sapphire substrate and then we investigate a structure and characterize an optical property for the samples as a function of temperature. According to the result of IR-transmittance analysis of VO2 films as a function of temperature, the graphene-supported sapphire substrates are better about 10% than the bare sapphire substrates. The mean phase transition temperatures are also decreased as the number of graphene-layers increased and the hysteresis of phase transitions are narrowed.

Keywords: 이산화바나듐,그래핀,사파이어,스퍼터링,구조분석,광학적 특성,VO2,Graphene,Sapphire,Sputtering,Structure,Optical properties

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