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Research Paper

Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2014; 23(2): 83-89

Published online March 30, 2014

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Pressure Measurement Using Field Electron Emission Phenomena

Boklae Cho*

Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science

Correspondence to:Boklae Cho*

Received: March 12, 2014; Revised: March 26, 2014; Accepted: March 26, 2014


Adsorption of residual gas molecules damped the emission current of a W (310) field
electron emission (FE) emitter. The damping speed was linearly proportional to the pressure
gauge readings at pressure ranging from ∼10-8 Pa to ∼10-9 Pa, and the proportionality
constant was employed to measure pressure in the 10-10 Pa range. A time plot of FE current
revealed the existence of an “initial stable region” after the flash heating of W(310) FE,
during which the FE current damps very slowly. The presence of non-hydrogen gas removed
this region from the plot, supplying a means of qualitatively analysing the gas species.

Keywords: Pressure, Field electron emission, Adsorption, Work function, Extreme high vacuum

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