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Research Paper

Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2021; 30(2): 65-69

Published online March 30, 2021


Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

[Withdraw] Recent Progress in Cost-effective and Stable AuAg/Cu-nanostructured Catalyst for Electrochemical Water Splitting

Abdul Qayoom Mugheria , ∗ and Aijaz Ali Othob

aDr. M.A Kazi Institute of Chemistry, University of Sindh, Sindh 76080, Pakistan
bInstitute of Plant Sciences, University of Sindh, Sindh 76080, Pakistan

Correspondence to:E-mail: a.qmugheri@scholars.usindh.edu.pk

Received: November 23, 2020; Revised: December 18, 2020; Accepted: December 23, 2020


As a result of Ethics Committee finding in Applied Science and Convergence Technology (ASCT; The Korean Vacuum Society), it is confirmed that Figures 4 and 5 were published in ASCT vol. 30 no. 2, 65-69 (2021) is exact same as the Figures of a paper published in other journals in 2020, respectively.

Therefore, since it is surely clear that the ASCT 30(2); 65-69 (2021) is plagiarism, we announced that the “Applied Science and Convergence Technology 30(2); 65-69 (2021)” was withdrawn from ASCT.

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