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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2021; 30(3): 70-73

Published online May 30, 2021


Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Numerical Simulation of Thermal Flow Characteristics in Plasma Reactor for Rotten Citrus Fruits Drying

Hye Young Koa , Dong Hun Shinb , Jeong Hwan Oha , Hyeokjun Kanga , Da Eun Choia , and Sooseok Choia , ∗

aDepartment of Nuclear & Energy Engineering, Jeju National University, Jeju 63243, Republic of Korea
bInstitute of Plasma Technology, Korea Institute of Fusion Energy, Gunsan 54004, Republic of Korea

Correspondence to:E-mail: sooseok@jejunu.ac.kr

Received: May 10, 2021; Revised: May 28, 2021; Accepted: May 29, 2021


Rotten citrus fruits, which spread odor gas during shipping season, pose a severe problem in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. The existing methods for food waste management such as composting using electro-drying and microorganisms have a high electricity cost and require a precise temperature control, respectively. Herein, we conducted a basic numerical study on a plasma reactor using microwave plasma and liquefied petroleum gas as a combined heat source for drying and composting rotten citrus fruits. To determine the design and operating conditions of the plasma reactor, the thermal flow characteristics inside the reactor were analyzed using a computational fluid dynamics code in ANSYS-fluent. In particular, the temperature distribution in the plasma reactor was simulated at different air flow rates of the centrifugal fan. The numerical simulation accuracy was evaluated by comparing the numerical results and actual experimental data. The temperature of the reactor decreased with the increase in the air flow rate of the centrifugal fan. Above 10 m/s, the temperature of the drying chamber and the exhaust gas remained almost constant at 507 K. In the present work, the calculated temperature shows a difference 1.13 % from the measured temperature at the combustion chamber.

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